” I choose to be different”

June 2, 2016

You’re always One Choice away from changing your life; hence “ I Choose to be Different”


MCBA will be hosting a motivational program entitled “ I CHOOSE TO BE DIFFERENT” on 2nd June 2016 Thursday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Training Room 1403, Level 14, Akademi Etiqa).

This is the first CSR initiative of MCBA as proceeds collected will be donated through a charitable organization to assist very poor families and marginalized communities residing in one of the low-cost flats in Puchong.

This program is also open to all your employees of member banks who may wish to join the cause as self paying participants without being sponsored by your Bank.

Below are the program details:


  • To share knowledge and experience for people to appreciate the need for self-development and self-realization
  • To realize the need to become consciously HAPPY and GRATEFUL
  • To learn life-changing ideas and perspective to break-through and transform to become “ A DIFFERENT BANKER”.


  • Understand the concept of “ I CHOOSE TO BE DIFFERENT”
  • Change your thoughts, change your destiny.
  • How to become “ A DIFFERENT BANKER” with impeccable integrity in conduct and management.
  • The proper ways to safeguard your career and protect the interest and corporate image of your bank.
  • Practice of “ THE FOUR AGREEMENTS” in your day-to-day life.
  • Understanding your career’s key success factors – EQ (Emotional Quotient) vs IQ (Intelligent Quotient)
  • Contents of Life vs Context of Life – Be smiling, Happy and Thankful Always
  • Realizing the importance of inter-connectedness

Speaker’s profile

  • A professional banker turned trainer and coach, Dr. George Lau has extensive experience in handling humanity issues including behavioural and relationship challenges. The expertise garnered over the years has led him to this path of fulfilment by sharing intelligence to enrich others.
  • He is a dynamic and interesting speaker with the ability to inspire his audience. His accomplishments provide some insights into his calling, passion and leadership skills and he applies his skills to guide people to realize the need for self-development to actualize and transform their lives.
  • The essence of his sharing is easy to grasp. The purpose is to provide education and guidance towards self-realization and improvement for personal growth.


  • Participants are welcome to donate on their own volition other items, such as non-perishable foods, books for children and teenagers suitable for library, used clothing and of course, cash (and other items, to be ascertained first with MCBA before delivery).