MCBA provides members with advice, guidance and suggested solutions in all aspects of industrial relations matters. These include, but not limited to, understanding and proper implementation of collective agreements, labor laws, employer-employee relations, disciplinary matters and general human resources practices and management.


MCBA represents member banks in collective bargaining with 2 national unions, namely ABOM and NUBE on terms and conditions of collective agreements, which cover approximately 21,000 employees in the banking industry in Peninsular Malaysia.

As many member banks also have branches in Sabah and Sarawak, MCBA works very closely with both Sabah Commercial Banks’ Association and Sarawak Commercial Banks’ Association in collective agreement negotiations. This collaboration is aimed at achieving uniformity and consistency of terms and conditions of employment covering both the non-executives and executives who are represented by the respective unions in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

For the same purpose, where necessary, it similarly acts as coordinating agency and provides relevant information to facilitate in-house negotiations involving member banks with their respective in-house unions.


MCBA is an active member of Malaysian Employers’ Federation (MEF) which is a member of the National Labor Advisory Council chaired by the Honorable Minster of Human Resources.

The MCBA President sits on the MEF Council as one of its Vice Presidents.

The Executive Director of MCBA is a member of the Industrial Relations Panel of MEF which discusses labor related matters including amendments to labor laws proposed by the Ministry of Human Resources.

MCBA also represents its members in respect of negotiation and resolution of industrial disputes with unions, at conciliation meeting at the Ministry of Human Resources, before the Labor Court and Industrial Court.


In recognition of the need to continually improve and up-skill employees of member banks in the area of human resource management and industrial relations, MCBA collaborates with various training providers, professional and employers’ organizations to deliver various learning courses and talks throughout the year. These courses are not merely industrial relations-centric but cover a wide spectrum of both technical and general subjects relating to labor laws and people-management.

The learning activities and programs organized by MCBA also aim to provide an effective platform for HR communities in the banking industry to promote networking and exchange best practices.

Through its website, MCBA regularly shares and provides its members with relevant updates on labor issues, best practices on specific subject matters, learning points based on research on latest industrial court awards and judgments of other superior courts.