Organisation Set-up

The Executive Committee (EXCO) is the highest governing body. It is primarily responsible to manage, regulate and control the affairs of MCBA in accordance with the powers conferred under Clause 21 of the Rules of the Association.

The Executive Committee consists of six members who are elected bi-annually by the members of the Association at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

The members of the Executive Committee will nominate among themselves one of its members to be the President, Secretary and Treasurer. The member appointed as President, Secretary or Treasurer shall in turn appoint one of its nominees to carry out all the duties of President, Secretary or Treasurer set out in the Trade Union Regulations, 1959.

The EXCO meets regularly to discuss and decide on matters of concern of individual members and the industry. Special EXCO meeting and General Meeting of members may be convened at any time to address general or urgent matters when necessary.

The day-to-day running and administration of the MCBA Secretariat is managed by an Executive Director with his/her team of staff. Their primary responsibilities also include providing core services of MCBA to member banks.