March 29, 2016

The objectives of this half-day program are to provide a quick overview of the SOCSO Act and to familiarize participants with essential parts of the Act which would be relevant to HR/IR officers. The focus will be on knowing the basics and how to handle different situations involving employees where the Act applies.

Major topics to be covered include a broad overview of what are contained in the Act, coverage and registration, contribution rates, submission timeline and general administration, benefits of different Schemes, reporting of accidents, how to effectively make or facilitate the making of claims for eligible employees, reference to Medical Board and appeals to Appellate Medical Board, common omissions and mistakes made by employees and employers in complying with the SOCSO Act, which may attract penalties or deprive employees of the SOCSO benefits.

The program will be led by a subject matter expert sourced from the SOCSO Office.

This program should be useful for HR/IR staff who wish to know the SOCSO Act from an overview stand point and HR practitioners who need quick and correct answers and clarifications from the horses’ mouth concerning some of their SOCSO-related issues.

We would urge member banks to actively support this learning activity by nominating staff to participate in the above mentioned program, the details of which are as follows:

Date                :           29.3.2016 (Tuesday)

Venue              :          Akademi Etiqa,14 floor (room 1403)

Fee                  :           Free of Charge

Closing date    :         23.3.2016

For registration of participants, you may wish to use the attached Nomination Form or submit your nomination preferably on-line (via the MCBA website (Members’ Area), or use the attached Registration Form.